Subject matter is an interesting concept - what is one drawn to paint?

I am a geographer and a traveller, my father was an Lloyd Wrightian architect, so my subject matter has often used the interaction of the lines and patterns of buildings and landscape. I also had a phase of "viewing from above" - sometimes expressed in maps! Living in four countries has enabled me to experience different cultures, climates and outdoor space from a lot of places!

Now I am back almost completely in landscape, looking for its essence through colour, line and form - and in that order! Always it is seeking a mood, an emotion, through colour, light and shapes.

I seem to have an ambivalent relationship with abstraction and do not expect to become completely abstract ever! You will see however - as the painting on this page shows - that I have experimented with it and still am... The Looking, the Being There and the Capturing are what my paintings are about.

Hazy Warmth,  Acrylics on board, 48 x 23.5 cm, 2019
Hazy Warmth, Acrylics on board, 48 x 23.5 cm, 2019
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