These paintings have been from sketches done whilst in the US on holiday. I lived in San Francisco for 4 years in the 90s, and Chicago for 3, long before I thought of painting!.  The light in California is wonderful - dry, bright and clear colours  which creates dark shadows and distinct shapes.

I had a great trip to the National Parks in the mid West in 2012 which inspired a couple of the paintings.... and I now know why David Hockney took masses of paintings to capture the Grand Canyon.

Two are in Chicago - downtown and the view from my apartment...

I have returned to the US frequently since I lived there - and I miss the Big Skies and open space.  My latest trip took me to Tahoe and I keep saying I am going to paint it - next one coming up, with luck!

There is one "Elsewhere" painting - from Mumbai, last one below!

To look at any one, click once on it and you will be able to enlarge it and see the details for it.

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