30 9 2020

As usual, I have been trying something new!  I recently did an online course on the Techniques of Oil Painting - something that is rarely taught.

I have found oil paints both difficult and very different from acrylics.  They require knowledge of the different chemistry, along with ensuring that one is actually using environment-friendly solvents, etc,   Building up paint layers is a very different process, but produces wonderful results!   Amongst other things, it has shown up the weakness of my acrylic painting techniques, notably confidence (or the lack thereof)  in brushwork!  Oils take longer, require a different kind of thinking and different brush techniques - all things that were completely hidden to me before I tried to engage with the careful studies required of me in the class I took!  Cleaning up, both of me and the brushes, requires patience and diligence!!

I have done a couple of works in oils which are included in the Corona series.  However, I need to work on many more to acquire some new skills and experience before I can really know what I am doing!!  ... Well... if there isn't time for it now, when will there be?!   So watch this space!


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