I started painting in 2005 - on a whim - because I found that the  business problems I was dealing with were always so left-brain, logical and deductive, and I wanted to do something to redress the balance!  But it was from a standing start....

I was working as a business coach at the time, and thought I might use coaching skills to help me learn to draw - rather a basic necessity if I wanted to paint!  This led on to many other apects, including the chemistry of the materials, and most important of all, learning to look!

Having grown up in Southern Africa, light was never far from my mind, and colours beamed bright in my vision of what I wanted to much so, that I have had to "calm" it down somewhat in order to capture my present home accurately!

I have lived a peripatetic life and my wanderings have contributed to wanting to capture all the pictures in my head.  It has been an enduring passion, supplemented by studying Art History stince I retired, and remains central in my life through thick and thin!

I hope you enjoy the paintings!

Table Mountain, Acrylics, 40 x 60 cms, 2018

Table Mountain in Cape Town is an image which stays with me always!

Chicago Home, Acrylics, 40cm x 50cm  Oils,  2010 (sold)

Here is an interpretation of the view from my Chicago home!

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