I am an artist living and working in Abingdon, near Oxford, in the UK.  My inspiration for painting is predominantly landscape, probably because I grew up in a Big Sky country in Southern Africa, have done a lot of travel,  and want to respond to scenes and places  - and more recently cultures  - that have meant or mean something to me.  Whether urban or rural, or "looking down", I choose subjects which have captured my attention - and quite often my heart!

The website is organised as follows:

HOME  - Background, Artists who have influenced me, and a Blog written every now and again to update my thinking on what and how I paint..

GALLERIES - Here is where you will find a large catalogue of my paintings (including details of title, size, medium and date), organised by subject matter.

NEW EXHIBITIONS - as appropriate

LINKS - useful connections

CONNECT - This is the place for you to email me if you would like to comment or have any questions.

All paintings in the Galleries are for sale unless otherwise indicated.

In my studio at hom -  in summer!
In my studio at hom - in summer!
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