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I haven't been updating this blog for a little while.  I am doing at Art History course at the University and it has taken up a lot of my time, largely reading and writing - not good "brewing" time for paintings - the brain is too full!.  For this reason too, I haven't been exhibiting much although have been painting!

Some of the new art works are being put on the website today.  Without intending it, I think my studies are influencing what and how I paint!  Suddenly have a very Munch-like gloomy landscape without quite knowing where it came from!  (See in Abstract Landscape Paintings gallery) Next I see Surrealist images in a Hebridean scene...  Hmmm!?!

I decided against doing ArtWeeks this year for the sxame reason.  A couple of years ago when I did the first year of this Diploma, I had ArtWeeks and hot on its heels came the handing-in of the dissertation, which was extremely stressful, so this time I have cut myseslf some slack.  Enjoying painting when I get to it, and still with my painting buddies at classes.... being wrong-footed each week and learning lots!