I started painting in 2005 - on a whim - because I found thatthe  business problems I was dealing with were always so left-brain, logical and deductive, and I wanted to do something to redress the balance!  But it was from a standing start....

However,  I was a leadership coach at the time, and used coaching techniques to help me with the learning process to become an artist - the drawing and painting techniques, the chemistry of the materials, and most important of all, learning to look.

Having grown up in Southern Africa, light was never far from my mind, and colours beamed bright in my vision of what I wanted to much so, that I have had to "calm"  it down to capture northern light accurately!

I am a geographer and a traveller, my father was an architect, so my subject matter combines buildings, landscape and more recently viewing from above - sometimes expressed in maps!

In 2012, I did a course in woodcut and enjoyed the short period I had doing those.  However the demands of cutting doesn't agree with my back regretfully, and I now have reverted to painting exclusively.

My interest in colour and dynamic shapes continues - although is taking newer form this year!

I hope you enjoy the paintings!

Here is an interpretation of the view from my Chicago home!